Falkie Forgiveness Card

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Has donating money to Falkie cause an extended period of shame, self-loathing and possibly therapy? You are in luck! The Falkie Forgiveness card wipes the slate clean!

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7 reviews for Falkie Forgiveness Card

  1. bill jones

    It is a great product

  2. George Noory

    I feel SO MUCH BETTER now.

  3. George Senda

    Please give me some money so i can make more videos about the paranormal and talk about the trolls and the Haters

  4. Art Bell

    This is an awesome deal if you want to deal with the SendaMonster.

  5. Dum A. Hole

    I was going to buy this, but instead will send it to George as he really needs money.

  6. Vacuum with nipples

    Just what I was looking for! From now on, I know that this card will assuage my self loathing. I can’t wait until they’re back in stock so I can buy more. Thanks Bart el legacy, you’re the best!

  7. George Senda

    Please keep on supporting me and Bart el. Bart El will be selling a love doll of Sweet Kathy.

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