Legacy Dump Button

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Scared of people promoting BartEllLegacy.com on your little web show? Fear having to hear what people really think? Don’t worry, we got you covered!

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8 reviews for Legacy Dump Button

  1. HLW

    Please don’t tell anyone I bought this or I will have to do my show.

  2. Jorch Snoory

    Glad I jumped right on this before it sold out. My preedoucher Tammy Fat Ass just stuffs his face all nite and can’t get to the studio dump button fast enough. Even when he can those sausage fat fingers are so greasey they slide right off!
    Since I got the button for my own console I cut the jokers right off and all I have to is say, “caller you still there, oh well we lost the call or they hung up.”
    Thx Bart you saved my job and my life!
    Can’t wait for the pizza oil to come back in stock…will it work on flaming hot microwave pizza rolls? That’s going in my next cook book!
    Thx again –
    Jorch Snoory
    #1 King of all radio thx to the dump button I now have my show on every radio station in the world
    and 70 billion listeners.

  3. H. Wade Bell

    Great buy. I ordered 2. One for me and one for Lasha.

  4. W6OBB Retired

    Much better than the toilet handle I’ve been using. Do you ship to Pahrump?

  5. Mels A. Hole

    Great product. A++++

  6. Joe

    it was my understanding that when pressing the button i could relieve myself safely i mean what else is a dump button for? i hate leaving my computer for anything it interrupts my chan browsing. so anyway my $400 racing style gaming desk chair is now covered in corn nut laden defecations. i don’ get it the button was held down. what am i doing wrong?

  7. Vacuum with nipples

    Just what I was looking for!.. The authentic cracked bezel makes it part of the well used and loved deck I’m so used to. When they’re back in stock I’ll buy another two. You can never be too careful, eh Heather?

    Thanks Bart El, you’re the best.

  8. Dave

    Can I get one of these in Canadian?

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