Pizza Pizzazz

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6 reviews for Pizza Pizzazz

  1. Luigi

    I just chugged the whole bottle and i am FUCKED UP. The extra price of $249.95 is worth it to pay for the absinthe. Keep the pizazz pipeline flowing bart!

  2. G. Senda

    The cardboard shipping box had a scratch in it when i received it. Will change my review rating when I get a refund.

    Also got my finger stuck in the bottle trying to remove the tree branch thingies. I’m scheduling an emergency room visit for Monday (it’s too busy on the weekend). I’m very angry. You need to pay for my hospital bill also.

  3. John Schnatter

    As the founder of Papa Johns, I’m going to start putting this on all my pizzas.

    P.S. – Large Pizza is now $79.95.

  4. Jim Croce

    This stuff really is thyme in a bottle.

  5. G Noory

    Needs more Turmeric, but it’s great on Pizza Rolls.

  6. Vacuum with nipples

    I didn’t have my contacts in so completely misunderstood the name on the bottle. In future I’ll make sure they are in before I make any more niche porno videos.

    You’re best Bart Ell.

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