Wanna Take A Bride? shirt

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4 reviews for Wanna Take A Bride? shirt

  1. Carl

    My Filipina girlfriend immediately called her sisters to admire the shirt. Soon after, the magical charm of Bart Ell’s incredible product created 4 cousin-brothers due in January!

    I believe in magic!

  2. Carl’s Buddy-in-law

    I had girls 1/3rd my age offering me all sorts of lovin’ and birthin’ my pups. I even have one crazy witch offering to carry my #LEGACY, whatever that there means.

    73s to y’all, catch ya’ on the flipside.

  3. H.W. Bell

    I wear this to show that “the two have become one” Now everyone can see.

  4. Rusty Shackleford

    The shirt arrived, but a bride did not. Will be disappointed if she never arrives…

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