WordPress for Dummies… and Carl!

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Hired an unfrozen caveman web designer and amazed at how out of touch he is? Get him this book and you will be up and running soon!

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3 reviews for WordPress for Dummies… and Carl!

  1. Carl. Not THAT Carl. Really, I’m NOT! Stop looking at me!

    This book isn’t printed in English!
    No wait, it’s upside down.
    IT’S STILL STUPID! NOT changing rating!

  2. Rusty Shackleford

    Directions unclear, got my cock stuck in the ceiling fan

  3. Vacuum with nipples

    Sadly I have to agree with the other negative reviews. I was expecting pop up pictures and possibly an interactive video presentation but it’s some cheap substitute using paper and ink. Hardly worth the postage… Sorry Bart El, this isn’t what is promised 🙁

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